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The Facebook Ads Funnel Guide – How to Design a Perfect Facebook Funnel for Your Business

Facebook Ads Funnel is one of the most powerful, evergreen marketing strategies that will help generate new leads, increase ROI and grow your business. There’s no doubt that Facebook Ads are a powerhouse when it comes to generating both leads and sales. However, the chances of someone buying your product or service the first time they see your ad or engagewith your brand arequite slim.

How to Increase AOV and Propel Your E-commerce Profits – 4 Masterful Examples

The rising acquisition costs make it harder to earn a profit. This leads to an ever-growing need to make more money off each sale – that is, increasing your average order value (AOV). Due to the high traffic and acquisition costs, relying solely on finding new customers to generate more sales isn’t going to cut it anymore. Rather than only trying to increase sales, focus on tactics that increase the amount your buyers spend on each transaction.

How to Run Profitable E-commerce PPC Campaigns [Part 2/2 – Backend Optimization]

The e-commerce and online advertising landscape have become brutally competitive. And the competition is getting more intense, year after year. As a result, your business is facing two key challenges: CPC (cost-per-click) and acquisition costs are on the rise. In other words, the cost of generating traffic and winning new customers is higher than ever before. To run truly successful e-commerce PPC, it comes down to engineering both your frontend and backend for max profitability. And in this guide, I’ll show you exactly how to do it on the backend side.

How to Run Profitable E-commerce PPC Campaigns [Part 1/2 – Frontend Optimization]

PPC is still one of the most effective channels to drive online sales. Precision targeting, a huge audience, and the ability to test and improve fast can help you reach the right people when they’re ready to buy. However, e-commerce PPC is not about getting traffic and exposure. At the end of the day, it’s all about turning visitors into paying customers so you make the $$$. Yet, not every online store is able to turn a profit from online advertising.

Ultimate E-commerce Shipping Guide in Canada [Options, Comparisons and Actionable Tips]

Mastering your shipping logistics can be a serious challenge for any online merchant. And considering high shipping rates in Canada, there’s not much room for error. However, if done right your shipping strategy can be a powerful marketing opportunity. To give you a leg up on your competition, this guide will help you take full advantage of e-commerce logistics. You’ll learn how to keep shipping costs to a minimum and win more customers.

How to Crush It This Holiday Season with 12 Creative E-Commerce Campaigns That Work

The holiday season is every store owner’s favourite time of the year. The holiday spirit gets everyone into a shopping frenzy, and with the right marketing strategy, you can win a big piece of that pie for yourself. But the competition is getting brutal, year after year with more competitors popping up everywhere. Every store wants to get in on the action. Furthermore, people are preconditioned to have high expectations. So, to truly make a killing this holiday season, you need to get extra creative because just offering discounts alone are becoming less effective and they cut straight through your margins. Set your e-commerce up for success and get inspired with 12 ingenious holiday marketing campaigns that work.

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