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Common Questions We Came Across

Do you only work with WordPress sites?

That would be ‘Yes’, in most cases. Unless you have a site on another platform (such as wix or blogger) and wanted help to migrate it to WordPress.

Can you build me a new WordPress site?

Sorry, we don’t build new ones. Our service aims to provide support and service to existing sites only. If you require a small change or facelift, please feel free to email us and we will do our best.

What’s the difference between month-to-month and annually subscriptions?

For month-to-month subscriptions, you will be charged per month basis. For annual subscriptions, you will be offered a discounted rate and will be prepaying for 12 consecutive months from the start.

I have a long list of small tasks here and there. Can you help?

Absolutely. That’s what we are here for! Simply send us an email with the task you need done (1 at a time), and our team will handle it promptly.

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