PetSmart Checkout Teardown


PetSmart Checkout Teardown

PetSmart is a powerhouse when it comes to selling pet supplies. It was founded over three decades ago, and quickly took over some of the biggest markets, including the US and Canada. Now, it has around 1500 locations across the world as well as one of the most impactful animal charities saving over 7 million pets (as of 2016).

Despite debuting their website back in 1995, PetSmart was rather late to the e-commerce game. Since then, PetSmart recognized the importance of the shift to online shopping and took part in the largest e-commerce acquisition in history, buying for over $3.35 billion in 2017.

To justify such a big gamble, PetSmart needs to ensure their online store generates massive sales. And their checkout process is right at the center.

Let’s dissect PetSmart’s checkout flow to learn how their online shopping experience drives sales.

For the Win ?

  • Clean product page
  • Unmissable “add to cart” confirmation cues
  • Free shipping (over $49)
  • Straightforward checkout page
  • Compelling CTAs
  • Full control at all times
  • Enclosed checkout page
  • Treats loyalty program
  • Charity donations

Facepalm ?

  • “Add to cart” button below the fold
  • Restrictive shipping policies
  • Surprise (shipping) costs
  • Unnecessary form fields on the checkout page

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