IKEA Checkout Teardown


IKEA Checkout Teardown

IKEA, the global furniture leader, owes its success to its unique approach to marketing and selling quality houseware. Ready-to-assemble furnishings and carefully planned store layout led IKEA to become a household name.

However, the recent shift towards online shopping pushed IKEA to go digital and build their own e-commerce store.

In this teardown, we’ll dissect IKEA’s checkout experience. Strap in as we go with the checkout flow to uncover IKEA’s online marketing/sales tactics. Let’s see how well they were able to adapt their Swedish ingenuity to the online retail world.

For the Win ?

  • Nailed the visual hierarchy
  • Sticky product that follows you around
  • Compelling Add to Cart stage
  • Clarity and control
  • Secure checkout
  • No distractions

Facepalm ?

  • Way too many form fields
  • Intimidating payment page
  • Unclear CTAs at late checkout stages
  • Inconsistencies in design

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